Po Lo Ku Mushroom Seasoning (Bột N. Đông Cô) 17.64oz/ G07

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Po Lo Ku Mushroom Seasoning is a perfect replacement of artificial flavorings. Our mushroom seasoning retains the original sweetness and freshness of natural ingredients, spicing up every dish. It is recommended to have the seasoning added in dishes for the most alluring taste, with the essence melting and blending with the richness of your food, creating a sensational taste.

Po Lo Ku Mushroom Seasoning is something that you cannot go without in your preparation of Asian style gourmet, whether you are broiling, steaming, frying, baking, cooking, deep fried, etc.

Main ingredients: mushroom powder, mushroom extract, vegetable extract, salt

Specification: 500g

Shelf life: 3 years


1. 5-6g for every 500cc vegetable broth or other soup base gourmets.

2. It’s directly applicable in cooked foods, it can also be used in preparing sauce or salad dressing,

3. Po Lo Ku mushroom seasoning is 100% vegetarian, best use in preparing vegetarian dishes.

4. No salt and other spices are required when Po Lo Ku mushroom seasoning is used.

5. Please preserve the unfinished product in a humidity free environment to ensure best product quality.

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